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What to do in case of bereavement?

The first most important steps:

First, please contact a doctor, either your GP or the free medical emergency telephone number if you call out of normal surgery hours:

116 117

If your loved one passes away in a hospital or care home, the staff will call the doctor.

He or she will fill out the medical certificate of cause of death after an examination. This is necessary for being able to transfer the deceased.

Next we recommend contacting our funeral service. We understand what is needed and can provide support at any time of the day or night:

​07222 151158

We will arrange all the important steps and the further procedure. We will plan the transfer and make an appointment

for a personal consultation.

Personal support

At our offices in Durmersheim, Rastatt and Rheinstetten we have rooms for consultation and an exhibition where you can talk to us in a pleasant atmosphere. On request, we can also visit you at home and advise you on all further steps, e.g. organising a wake (if wished), choosing the type of funeral and planning the funeral ceremony.

Your questions and wishes are important for us.

Please keep the following documents at hand:

  • Birth certificate (single persons)

  •  Marriage certificate (married persons) 

  • Death certificate of the partner (widowed persons)

  •  Divorce decree absolute (divorced persons)

  • Identity card or passport

  • Health insurance card

  •  Pension insurance documents (pension no.)

  • Funeral prearrangement contract

  • Life insurance policies

  • Grave document

  • Disability card

If you do not have all the documents at hand, we will be glad to help you to obtain them.

In order to be certified in Germany, all documents must be available with a German translation.

What to do in case of bereavement?: Infos
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